FishAnywhere to Host Reel Bragging Rights Reunion at ICAST 2019!

ORLANDO, Fla.July 9, 2019 — FishAnywhere, the world’s largest full-service fishing trip booking website, announced that it will be hosting a season one reunion of the hottest show on The Sportsman Channel “Reel Bragging Rights” at their ICAST Booth on Thursday, July 11th at 5 pm. The reunion will include individuals featured throughout the first season, as well as several guests to be featured in season two.

Wild Outdoor Media Co-Founder and Reel Bragging Rights Host, Jim Root, said, “I can’t wait to have so many people in one place at one time. To see so many faces from season one AND season two will be really awesome.”

Folks in attendance will get to hear about the best parts of being on the show from all angles. Joining Jim at the FishAnywhere booth will be everyone from fishing guides, to celebrity fishing guests, as well as people from the production team. Rumor has it there will even be a sneak peak of season two for people to watch in the booth.

Root has been a big fan of from the beginning. “(FishAnywhere) is a great resource for anyone looking to book the fishing trip of a lifetime. We’ll share firsthand stories how it helped us in season one when the wheels came off on a couple different trips.”

Doug Hughes, Founder and CEO of, followed-up by adding “our sponsorship of Season One of Reel Bragging Rights has obviously been great exposure for our Brand as the overall competitive premise of the show and the fact that they are fishing for different species in different locations each episode is exactly what we offer when booking your next fishing trip at FishAnywhere. And Jim and his team are a blast to work with, as well!”

Come meet some of the biggest names in fishing, as well as some of the best guides in the United States on Thursday at 5pm, in the FishAnywhere booth number 2133. The Sportsman Channel will be on hand to do a live event for those unable to be in attendance but still wanting to get in on the action from home!

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