FishAnywhere Announces Representation of Over 10,000 Available Fishing Trips

ORLANDO, Fla.April 11, 2023 — Orlando-based fishing charter booking platform,, is excited to announce that it now represents over 10,000 fishing trips provided by over 3,000 professional fishing guides around the world.

Launched in 2018, quickly became the largest US-based platform for finding and booking a fishing charter, touting itself as “the Airbnb of fishing charters.” The company aims to grow their available fishing trips to 13,000 by Q1 2024. allows users to search for a fishing trip by desired date and destination. Users can browse available guides, compare trip prices and reviews, and book online with a deposit.

“Representing over 10,000 fishing trips is a huge milestone. We are forever grateful for the captains and guides that we partner with, and we are eager to continue our expansion into top fishing destinations around the world,” commented Joe Aquila, CMO.

This milestone was achieved as’s parent company, AnywhereBrands, is preparing to launch its first round of fundraising.

“The traction and momentum we have achieved in the fishing space has been incredible, and it is evident that we are filling a vast need in this industry. We intend to raise capital in order to continue growing, while also supporting hunting guides and hunters with,” commented Doug Hughes, CEO. “Our goal at the end of the day is to get more folks outside by reducing the friction that has traditionally been associated with finding and booking a professionally guided outdoor adventure,” Hughes added.

About AnywhereBrands:

AnywhereBrands is based in Orlando, FL and is dedicated to developing and providing technological innovation and premium customer support to the outdoor travel industry, ultimately increasing participation in outdoor recreation. Current platforms include and

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